Don’t miss any Salvation Army events being held in the Prairies and Northern Territories division.

Edmonton – Supreme Group Salvation Army Golf Classic 

Join us on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 for a spectacular round of golf at the Highlands Golf Club for our 22nd annual Supreme Group Salvation Army Golf Classic. We are raising funds for Emergency Disaster Services response equipment; a portable bunk house and tow vehicle. This will be used for staff and volunteers deployed to areas without accommodation so they can set up and start serving evacuees, first responders, and survivors as soon as possible. Learn more at

Edmonton – Get Ready in the Park for Emergency Preparedness Week

Join us Saturday May, 4th at the Edmonton EXPO centre (outdoors) for Get Ready in the Park. We will have a number of units there you can come take a look at as we show how are preparing for our Emergency Response this spring/summer.