Easter Message from Salvation Army World Leader

Posted on 18th April 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Crown of thorns under cross build of nails
Do Not Be Afraid What causes you to be afraid? Is it the dark? Spiders? Illness, heights, confined spaces, money problems or the future? A myriad of things are understandable causes of fear, and often that fear is accompanied by anxiety. There is a recurring theme throughout Scripture where God tells us not to be  […]

Canadian Officers Return Home as Salvation Army National Leaders

Posted on 18th April 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd
Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, serving as territorial leaders in Australia, have been appointed to the Canada and Bermuda Territory, with Commissioner Floyd Tidd as the Territorial Commander and Commissioner Tracey Tidd as the Territorial President of Women’s Ministries. “We look forward to the opportunity to serve in our home territory and anticipate all that  […]

Kids Club Fills Gap in Community Services

Posted on 15th April 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
young, female, kids club participant is all smiles
In northwest Calgary, The Salvation Army is providing a free, bi-weekly Kids Club, where more than 100 children are registered. The Kids Club is fostering a strong sense of community, providing a safe place for children to have fun and reminding everyone of the services The Salvation Army offers. “There is no community centre in  […]

Lunch Program Improves Attendance and Academic Performance

Posted on 5th April 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Two volunteers prepare lunches for hungry students
When Danette Hicks, a housing support worker with The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services in Gander, N.L., learned that hungry children were falling through the cracks, losing social connections and lagging behind in the curriculum, she developed a program to ensure that the problem of absenteeism doesn’t continue. “Our goal is to ensure there are  […]

Autism Café in Quebec Helps Young Adults Overcome Social Isolation

Posted on 2nd April 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Participants at Autism cafe
In Canada, more than a quarter of a million families are touched by autism spectrum disorders. Young adults on the autism spectrum are often more likely to never get called by friends or be invited to activities. “I’m grateful for a program that supports people like me.” For 11 years, The Salvation Army in St-Jérôme,  […]

Free Tax Filing for Low-Income People in Strathroy

Posted on 28th March 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Joy (left) shows completed income tax form prepared by Major Roland Shea (right)
To assist people with limited incomes, The Salvation Army in Strathroy, Ont., is providing a free income tax clinic where volunteers do tax returns for eligible people. “I live on a fixed income,” says Joy Knight, 72. “The Salvation Army’s assistance means I don’t have to borrow money from family or delay payment of a  […]

A Journey to Healing

Posted on 25th March 2019, by SalvationArmy.ca
Inuk (left) and Jason (right) stand in front of tent in cold weather
Between 1883 and 1998, the Canadian government sent over 150,000 Aboriginal children to residential schools across the country that were designed to make them forget their language and culture, and where many suffered abuse. Inuk was just nine years old when he was sent from his traditional native home to a residential school. At first,  […]