Meet Kate

by British Columbia
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Kate’s childhood and early years were filled with trauma and significant challenges; a family with a history of addiction, mother a crack addict, leaving when Kate was 12. She was angry, in and out of transition homes, consuming drugs and alcohol.

At 19, Kate found herself on welfare, raising a baby alone, hungry and desperate. Fearing the stigma of being judged given her mother’s reputation, she was unable to ask for help from her local Salvation Army.

When Kate realized she was using alcohol and cocaine as a coping mechanism she left Terrace, B.C. “I knew I couldn’t put my daughter through what I went through as a child, I had to take us away from it all.”

After moving around, she found herself near her auntie in Prince George who was living a sober life and in successful recovery. With her support, Kate walked through the doors of The Salvation Army looking for help for herself and her daughter.

Fast forward to today, life is happy.

“The Salvation Army helped me find my way in life. I always wanted a good life, but it was hard to see the good coming from my childhood.”

She is currently a full-time college student and single mother, challenging and stressful yet is staying grounded and positive and most importantly sober. She works multiple part time jobs in order to make ends meet, and fortunately was able to establish a significant support system for herself and her daughter. Since her mother passed away last year, she has had little contact with her family, detaching herself due to their poor lifestyle choices. She is a firm believer that finding her spiritual self has protected her from failing. She chooses to live and lead by example, creating a better self every day; praying, eating healthy, exercising, and spending quality time with her daughter, all resulting in less anxiety and anger.

The future sees Kate graduating as a social worker; ironically growing up, in her family social workers were dreaded, always being on the wrong end of those services. When it came time to complete volunteer hours for college, she could think of only one place she wanted to be – The Salvation Army Food Bank. A cause and organization close to her heart. “The Army showed me patience and diversity, and this good message pushed me closer towards my recovery. I know I’m going to be okay.”

After seeing the work the Army does from both sides of the spectrum – client and volunteer – Kate no longer feels the stigma of asking for help, “The services they offer are for everyone, the middle class too. Years ago I was embarrassed to ask for their help, I never realized.”

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