The Governing Council

The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda is part of an international religious and charitable organization whose members demonstrate their Christian faith and beliefs through practical concern for the social well-being of all mankind. The Salvation Army operates in more than 130 countries and is headed by the General who is located at the International Headquarters (IHQ) in London, England.

The worldwide Salvation Army is divided into territories, commands and regions.

The Salvation Army in Canada is part of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, which is subdivided into nine divisions. The Governing Council of The Salvation Army in Canada is the primary legal entity that The Salvation Army operates through in Canada. This corporation, which was created by a special act of Canada’s Parliament, holds title to most of The Salvation Army’s assets.

In Bermuda, The Salvation Army operates through a similar corporation known as The Salvation Army Corporation of Bermuda, which was incorporated by a special act of the Bermuda Legislature.

Member Position Date Appointed
Commissioner Floyd Tidd, BSc, MTS
Territorial Commander
Chair October 1, 2019
Colonel Evie Diaz, Chief Secretary Vice chair May 1, 2021
Mr. R. Paul Goodyear, BCom, MBA, FCPA, FCMA
Financial Secretary
Secretary July 1, 2001
Lt. Colonel Fred Waters, MA
Secretary for Business Administration
Treasurer January 1, 2017
Lt. Colonel Brian Armstrong, BA, MDiv, MRel, DMin
Secretary for Personnel
May 1, 2018