New Plant Life Takes Root at Burlington Community Church

by Caroline Franks
Categories: Divisional News

What was once a bunch of weeds and overgrown bushes is now a quiet and serene prayer and meditation garden at The Salvation Army Burlington Community Church.

The meditation garden is a community space for anyone to stop by and take time to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect.

“It amazes me how many people are using it. So many people from the community are coming over and sitting down and using it for quiet time,” said Major Mike Puddicombe, the Pastor at The Salvation Army Burlington Community Church.

People regularly leave prayer stones in the garden adorned with messages of hope for those going through a rough time and needing strength. Still others are using the garden as a backdrop for photographs.

Major Puddicombe said he came up with the idea not long after being appointed to the Burlington church a year ago and realized that the space was being underutilized. The meditation space is an extension of a community garden on the church grounds

“The first time I drove past, I thought to myself; You know what would be really great here is a community garden.”

The church on Prospect Street is surrounded by apartment buildings, attached multi-family townhomes and other properties without large backyards, making the community garden a perfect addition to the neighbourhood.

There are 24 garden plots available for use by anyone in the area for just $20 per season. And if the owner of the bed maintains it by watering and pulling weeds, they get the $20 back at the end of the summer. There are also a couple raised beds for those unable to bend over. All tools and equipment are provided.

Initially there were just 20 beds available for rent, but the demand was so great that another four were added and those were quickly scooped up as well.  Tomatoes, zucchini, corn, peas, carrots, beets, and eggplant are among the vegetables taking root in the garden. Those tending to the garden plots include families, friends, and individuals from all walks of life.

“Everyone is so excited. I still see people come every day to look after the garden, which shows that people need to be out to build a sense of community and to be with other people,” Puddicombe said.

Reservations are now being taken for the 2022 growing season and they can be booked by contacting the church directly at 905-681-0808.