HeroWork Renovates Kitchen at Victoria ARC

by British Columbia
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HeroWork Renovates Kitchen at Victoria ARC

The Salvation Army Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) in Victoria has been proudly serving the community providing vital programs and services to those in need for the last 37 years. Decades later the building was starting to show signs of use and was in desperate need for some renovations.

The kitchen itself serves about 15,000 meals a month with over 300 of those meals served every day in-house. In an area with limited space, outdated equipment, and growing demand the kitchen was already being stretched to its capacity. Seeing the importance of our feeding programs to the Victoria community HeroWork, a non-profit that helps other non-profit organization, stepped in to help with what they call a Radical Renovation. They set out to raise $80,000 to purchase the needed supplies and gathered enough volunteers to help put it all together.


HeroWork began construction on the new commercial kitchen area which included new flooring, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and appliances. The dining area was redesigned, and the food services area was reconfigured to improve workflow. Additionally, two residential suites were transformed into dormitories to increase capacity, and the exterior of the building was given a refresh.

To help raise the funds needed to complete this project HeroWork Executive Director, Trevor Botkin took inspiration from local business owner Gordy Dodd to hoist himself 65 feet in the air in a bucket lift with a goal to raise $36,000 in 36 hours. After a day-and-a-half in the lift Trevor and his team managed to raise nearly $45,000 to put towards the project!

After many months of hard work and countless volunteer hours the organizations came together to host the big reveal in July. Sheldon Feener, Executive Director of the Salvation Army Victoria ARC said the renovations are “going to increase our capacity and it’s going to allow us to serve better … and provide so much more dignity to the guys.” Food Services Program Manager, Sean was delighted with the changes saying these renovations will allow for “more food to be produced, more options, more client interaction, and more programs”. The people at the ARC can finally work in a space with no building restrictions and have room to grow and reach even more people than before.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, donated to help raise funds, and to the incredible team at HeroWork who helped make this all happen. Your support will allow us to continue to Give Hope Today … and every day.