Souad’s Story

by British Columbia
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Souad migrated to Canada from Beirut, Lebanon and worked hard for over 50 years and tirelessly providing for her children. She was a very helpful person too and very generous in giving of her time serving in the community when she was not working. She donated items and remembered her days back in Kelowna where she first heard about The Salvation Army where she volunteered. 

After many years of hard work, she was able to buy a home in Abbotsford, BC and stayed in that community until in the early morning of Valentines Day 2021, an extensive fire broke out and took everything she had worked for. Her belongings were not insured, and she was only able to save herself and whatever she was wearing. Souad lost everything that she had worked for and was now facing homelessness. 

Within two hours, The Salvation Army set up a rescue operation centre at Cascade Community Church next door. She was very grateful at how she was welcomed in the Cascade Community Church and was offered prompt and convenient respite. ESS staff and The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services team of volunteers met with the residents on site. They assessed their needs and provided food, refreshments, accommodations, special medical equipment, and other resources as needed.  

A ‘Help for Delair Court’ Facebook page prompted phone calls to The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope asking for information on how to help. Clothing and household items began to flood into the Army’s thrift store. It was amazing how the community responded to the Army’s plead to help the fire victims get back on their feet. 

Souad is now temporarily sheltered in the same complex provided for her with the generosity of 100 donors who helped her and other fire survivors rebuild their lives and their home. 

“God bless the community and The Salvation Army in this time of need.”