Luidel’s Story

by British Columbia
Categories: Blog, Hope in One Stories

Luidel was one of the lucky ones who was able to escape from her perpetrators. She fled in her pyjamas to a local mall, trying to find a safe place to go. Thankfully, The Salvation Army Illuminate had a bed, and she was able to join the program for survivors of human trafficking immediately. 

During her first week at Deborah’s Gate Safehouse, which is part of the Salvation Army Illuminate program, she was given safe shelter and her own room. Luidel was very grateful as she never had that before. The Salvation Army helped her regain her power and built her self-esteem. They taught her how to discover her skills and provided employment training for her future work. She also learned how to fight for her rights. When she got a job, The Salvation Army made sure she had a bus pass, a lunch to take with her, and when she arrived back home, she was greeted with support.                    

As a labour trafficking Survivor, she wants to tell other survivors that they can all join in the fight against human trafficking if they don’t stay silent. She wants them to feel that there is hope and they are no longer alone. They just need to believe in themselves. They deserve a life of dignity and respect. They are not merchandise, or anyone’s property.  

“To everyone hearing my voice, I survived, and you will survive. The world is waiting for us to explore and make a difference.”  


*names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals