Linda’s Story

by British Columbia
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Linda was a Science teacher from England and has been very much into Christian ministry work. Upon retirement, Linda’s husband John wanted to go to Vancouver and felt that God has said to him that this will be their new home. They decided to come to Canada to do the things they have been thinking of doing for a long time, to serve in the homeless population.  

They came to British Columbia and lived in the Downtown East Side where John first met the Executive Director of Boundless Vancouver. They started attending church and volunteered in The Salvation Army Community and Family Ministries in Vancouver, BC. Linda was able to secure her volunteer work visa and fell in love with the community they live in without ever thinking that they were about to face a challenge they never expected.  

In the middle of their volunteer work in Canada, pandemic was declared. Their volunteer work permits were about to expire, and they faced the uncertainty of not knowing if they can continue to live the life they have in Canada. Linda had to find a job that could support their application for another extension.  

Luckily, because of her volunteer experience with Boundless Vancouver, she was offered an employment to cover a maternity leave. This is exactly what she needed at the time to be able to extend their stay in Canada in the middle of pandemic. 

After successfully meeting the qualifications and securing a work permit, Linda is now working as a fulltime community worker at The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver Community and Family Ministries serving the people in their community, and is looking forward to staying in Vancouver permanently, experience more of God’s provisions and continue to work and help people in their community. 

“In the pandemic, God gave me more to do rather than sitting at home doing nothing. God opened the door thru The Salvation Army to be able to work fulltime caring and serving people who are in need in the pandemic. It is such an absolute joy. God doesn’t just provide material things like food and clothing which is what the Army is doing, but God also provides something for us to do and that is God’s lovely provision.”