Carlos’ Story

by British Columbia
Categories: Blog, Hope in One Stories

I moved to Canada when I was four years old, as a newly immigrated family from Colombia we did not have many connections in BC. That all changed when my mother visited the local Salvation Army in Richmond. We were offered help in searching for furniture and my sister and I were accepted into their Vacation Bible School program for that summer.  

Ever since that day, we have been attending the Salvation Army. TSA then allowed us to go to their summer camp at Camp Sunrise from age 6 until I was able to volunteer and ultimately start working at Camp Sunrise during the summers.  

As a young immigrant kid, being able to make the relationships that I have through camp and the church aided me in becoming the person I am today. I thank God for the opportunities he gave me growing up.  

This summer I am leading a team of camp staff across the lower mainland to host day camps at several churches to bring that same hope and love that camp offered me 15 years ago. I hope to give back a portion of the experiences I was given growing up and offer all I can to kids this summer.