The Salvation Army Helps Students Get Back to School

Posted on 14th September 2018, by British Columbia
Back to school time can mean a lot of different things for different people. For some students it’s a chance to see their friends again. For teachers it provides another opportunity to inspire the next generation. However, for some parents and families the beginning of the Fall season can be very difficult as the growing  […]

The Salvation Army Responds as Fires Rage

Posted on 24th July 2018, by British Columbia
With much of the northern hemisphere coping with high temperatures and long dry spells, wildfires are affecting communities from Greece right up to the Arctic Circle, claiming dozens of lives and damaging ecosystems, homes, livelihoods and infrastructures. The Salvation Army is responding in a variety of ways, according to local needs and in partnership with  […]

When There’s Not Enough Food

Posted on 4th July 2018, by British Columbia
Since immigrating to Canada, life has been an uphill battle for Samar, a single parent. She says securing enough food and affordable housing are big issues facing her family of four. “I don’t sleep at night,” says Samar. “I worry about feeding my children. They ask for milk and cereal and I can’t afford to  […]
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A Safe Place to Call Home

Posted on 4th July 2018, by British Columbia
A troubled past led me to here. As long as I could remember, my mother suffered at the hands of men who abused her. I quickly realized that these experiences would soon become the source of my learned helplessness and distrust of people. Since I was a young boy, my mother and I moved around  […]
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Salvation Army Employee Connects with Indigenous Roots

Posted on 21st June 2018, by British Columbia
For the past four years, Mary McKenzie has worked as a supervisor at our Salvation Army Thrift Store in Bulkley Valley, BC. Mary, who is proudly Wet’suwet’en First Nations, regularly participates in special events hosted by The Salvation Army that specifically celebrates Aboriginal history and culture.   “I appreciate the way they present the opportunity  […]

A Father’s Strength

Posted on 15th June 2018, by British Columbia
Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers, their strength and courage, and the influence they have on their families. When John became a father he embraced the enormous responsibilities of fatherhood. But when he suffered a head injury, some days were harder than others. That’s when he connected with The Salvation Army’s parent-child resource centre  […]
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5 Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake

Posted on 3rd May 2018, by British Columbia
emergency disaster hugging support salvation army
Every year, Public Safety Canada encourages us to build awareness to ensure everyone is prepared for an emergency. While governments at all levels work hard to keep Canada safe, everyone has a role to play and these are a just a few first steps! Purchase enough emergency food and water for at least 3 days  […]

A Legacy Gift from the Heart

Posted on 3rd May 2018, by British Columbia
This is the story of bright lights, a generous woman and her legacy. Betty Bonnington was born in rural Saskatchewan in 1927.  She moved to Toronto in 1952 to live near her future husband, Ken Bonnington.  Soon afterward, Betty and Ken married and in 1957 moved to West Vancouver, British Columbia. Ken’s job in international  […]
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5 Ways to Leave a Legacy

Posted on 3rd May 2018, by British Columbia
legacy mom boy salvation army
Support the people and causes that are important to you There isn’t a more wonderful feeling than making the choice to join alongside friends, family, and causes dear to your heart. Spending your life attributing meaning to everything you do is in itself a worthwhile experience and one that is sure to leave a lasting  […]

My Solace

Posted on 11th April 2018, by British Columbia
volunteer salvation army girl
Maya has been volunteering all her life. She finds peace and calmness through the acts of helping others. Originally from Lebanon, Maya first came to Canada five years ago to make a better life for her and her children. Recently separated from her husband, she is able to provide for her children with the help  […]
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