A Special Message From Our Divisional Commander (Watch)

Posted on 24th December 2021, by British Columbia
This past year has been difficult for many here in British Columbia, from facing the COVID-19 pandemic and new variants, to wildfires in the summer and the recent devastating floods. But thanks to you, or generous supporters, we have been able to provide practical, compassionate support for those in need. On behalf of The Salvation  […]
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Help The Salvation Army Respond to British Columbia Flood Relief Efforts

Posted on 22nd November 2021, by British Columbia
The Government of British Columbia has declared a state of emergency as the Lower Mainland is experiencing the worst flooding it has seen in a century. Floods and landslides have cut off major transportation routes and entire communities are under water. People have lost their homes, businesses have been destroyed, and essential supplies are limited  […]
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Finding a Family in British Columbia

Posted on 1st October 2021, by British Columbia
Finding a Family in British Columbia Imagine living in a country where you’re not free to speak your mind or express your values, without worrying about repercussion? There are many places in the world where this is the reality. Recently, this family of three managed to find hope and a new beginning. But leaving behind  […]
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One Woman’s Brave Journey

Posted on 1st October 2021, by British Columbia
One Woman’s Brave Journey When Marnie was only 11 years old her family home burned down in a terrible fire. Her father suffered from burns and their family lost everything … throughout her life she suffered more setbacks. Before finding the Pidcock Shelter, Marnie had issues finding a safe place to live that was affordable  […]
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Developers Show Up for Community

Posted on 1st October 2021, by British Columbia
The property development community comes together to support their community. On September 16 we hosted our first annual Nine Holes for Hope Golf Tournament at Golden Eagle Golf Club in Maple Ridge. The fundraising event drew 24 teams with a total of 96 golfers, and together with our very generous sponsors, they helped us raise  […]
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Elementary Students Take a Stand

Posted on 1st October 2021, by British Columbia
Elementary Students Take a Stand When the grade six/seven class at Chaffey-Burke Elementary School in Burnaby were tasked with a project that involved picking challenges they wanted to help address in their community we were proud to hear that they decided to focus on food insecurity and poverty. Once they agreed on the key issue  […]

Corporate Corner – Craftsman Collision

Posted on 23rd September 2021, by British Columbia
Corporate Corner – Craftsman Collision Welcome to Corporate Corner, a place where we celebrate the philanthropy of our corporate partners. In this issue we would like to recognize Craftsman Collision. The generous folks at Craftsman Collision have long been supporters of The Salvation Army. Since 1992 they have made donations totalling over $300,000 to our  […]

HeroWork Renovates Kitchen at Victoria ARC

Posted on 19th July 2021, by British Columbia
HeroWork Renovates Kitchen at Victoria ARC The Salvation Army Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) in Victoria has been proudly serving the community providing vital programs and services to those in need for the last 37 years. Decades later the building was starting to show signs of use and was in desperate need for some renovations.  […]
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Souad’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
Souad migrated to Canada from Beirut, Lebanon and worked hard for over 50 years and tirelessly providing for her children. She was a very helpful person too and very generous in giving of her time serving in the community when she was not working. She donated items and remembered her days back in Kelowna where she first heard about The Salvation Army where  […]

John’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
John recalls there was a time in his life when things seemed hopeless and there didn’t seem to be an answer coming anytime soon. He was too broken and did too much damage to himself and others. He had lost all form of dignity for himself and other people. He couldn’t be trusted by anyone  […]