Answering the Call

by British Columbia
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Answering the Call

During the Christmas season, The Salvation Army launched our iconic kettle campaign across Canada amid a pandemic. Don Noland was listening to his radio when he heard an ad explaining the need for volunteers to help ring the bells with us this holiday season. Having a personal connection to The Salvation Army hearing this really sparked Don’s interest …

Don is a retiree from Alberta who moved to Vancouver with his wife five years ago. Their family owns a fashion boutique in Vancouver that has been passed down through three-generations. When Don heard about the opportunity on the radio, he contacted a local Ministry Unit to ask how he could help. He started covering shifts from Monday to Friday at various kettle locations. Since his Saturdays were free, he decided to open a kettle from 11 – 4 in front of their store.

The shop invited all their customers to come in on Saturdays to help raise funds for the kettle. The results were great, shoppers took on the challenge and on those days their kettle had the highest donations per hour in the city.

“It’s been a very tough year for everyone, but I think the best part of volunteering is that we’ve been very fortunate, and we are able to give back.”

He always had a spot in his heart for The Salvation Army for number of reasons. He appreciates the hearing from people who tell their stories of what The Salvation Army did for their family. From younger immigrant families to older people whose parents or grandparents were helped on the front lines during the wars. His own family has benefited from Salvation Army programs as well as his father received help as he battled with alcohol in the 1960s. “They looked after him. Helped him get him turned around, that was really big in my life,” Don explains.

“The Salvation Army is one of the best charities in the country, having the money get directly to the people, places and facilities that do good. We know that all the money that raised here stays here in the community. It’s great to see how much money of every dollar donated makes it down to the charity.”

Helping at the kettle this past year inspired Don to do more after the Christmas season. He is looking forward in helping run the programs and to continue its success by encouraging more to join him and volunteer next year.


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