A Father’s Strength

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by British Columbia
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Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers, their strength and courage, and the influence they have on their families. When John became a father he embraced the enormous responsibilities of fatherhood. But when he suffered a head injury, some days were harder than others. That’s when he connected with The Salvation Army’s parent-child resource centre in Kitchener, Ontario.

“The Salvation Army was a place of support and socialization for me and my daughters,” says John. “They made me feel part of a community amidst my world of challenges and stressful situations.”

An accountant, John had suffered several sports-related concussions. Then one day he had one during a hockey game that he couldn’t come back from. That was the beginning of intense headaches, flu-like symptoms and memory loss.

“I lost a lot from my head injury―my marriage, my job and my hobbies,” says John. “It’s been pretty tough―lonely and discouraging.”

The parent-child resource centre offers programs that encourage parents and caregivers with young children. Supports include workshops, counselling, discussion groups, parent and child programs, recreational activities and a preschool program.

“Coming to The Salvation Army has helped me heal emotionally,” says John. “We share our experiences and support each other. My daughters graduated from the program and I come with my nephew now. While he enjoys creative playtime and crafts, I have coffee and socialize with other parents. This means a lot to someone who would otherwise be home alone.

“Coming to the program breaks up my day and the staff always asks how I’m doing. Thanks to supports such as The Salvation Army, I can still be the best role model possible for my children.”