Honoring Women of History: Catherine Booth’s Legacy

Catherine Booth International Womens Day
by British Columbia
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Married to William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, Catherine Booth was a woman who inspired the hearts of so many young girls to take courage, be bold in speaking out and not to be afraid of having their thoughts heard. She challenged the ‘norm’ and became a figurehead for women to look up to as a role model and mentor.

Born in 1829, Catherine’s social activism began early in life. At 12 years old, she became concerned with the effects of alcoholism on the community and took up the role as Secretary for the Juvenile Temperance Society. Though it was rare for women in Victorian England to have a public voice, Catherine would go on to write temperance magazines and share her thoughts on a world stage.

Catherine was often faced with public backlash as it was unheard of to hear women speak in public. Despite these obsticles, Catherine made it her mission to preach on faith, poverty, service and equality for women; she even wrote a 10,000 word rebuttal asserting equality for women in ministry.

Catherine would soon be known as the “Mother of The Salvation Army” where she carried out her years speaking out and working to alleviate poverty.

Following Catherine Booth’s example, The Salvation Army continues to commit itself eliminating poverty and providing solutions for women, men, and children who are facing barriers to a better life.