A March Break Program in Abbotsford

by British Columbia
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The sets have been designed, the schedule is organized, the crafts and snacks are ready, and the volunteers are excited! Let's do this!

The Salvation Army Cascade Community Church has a high priority of serving the needs of families in their community. With kids out of school for two full weeks of March Break, the team at Cascade know the great demand that puts on family finances as moms and dads look for safe, affordable childcare options.

With that in mind, preparations for this years VBS, or Vacation Bible School, have been underway for weeks as the church has been transformed to fit the theme of 'Maker Fun Factory', where kids will learn and come to understand that they are created by God and built for a purpose.

This is most certainly a community church effort as many have donated their time, talents, vacation days and funds to make this event a great success.

Here's some of what it takes to make this happen:
81 kids
17 Crew Leaders
10 Station Leaders and Assistants
4 Registration Table Ladies
2 Behavioral Specialists
Crafts and Snacks for every day and,
1 Super custodian to clean up after us.

What an amazing team and a fantastic way to reach out to our community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ and meeting the practical needs of our neighbors. It's truly a transformational experience; not only for the kids but for all who have participated.
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