Emergency Coastal Response Exercise Leaves Province Better Prepared

by British Columbia
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Emergency Management BC Exercise Specialist Rob Dodds has said that "this exercise will leave our region much more prepared to deal with a natural disaster." The location for the mock disaster was chosen because of the history of the tsunami of 1964 that had devastating affect on Port Alberni and because they have a tsunami warning system.
More than 60 federal, provincial and local agencies gathered to carry out this emergency response exercise. Amid the myriad of volunteers were more than 20 Salvation Army team members and a total of 4 of our CRU's ( community response units or mobile canteens ) from the Island region. Over the course of 3 days, Salvation Army personnel served more than 1000 meals and distributed more than 2000 bottles of water.
John McEwan, The Salvation Army Director of Divisional Emergency Disaster Services states: " The Salvation Army in BC has an agreement with Emergency Management BC to provide emergency services such as emergency feeding , clothing, household items, emotional support and emergency sheltering if and when needed. The Salvation Army in BC is pleased to provide meal services to the participants in this exercise to better prepare British Columbia and its people from a disaster."
Thank you to all who participated to make this such a successful and worthwhile event.