A Community Coming Together

Belkin House Cooking Event
by British Columbia
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The Salvation Army has a long history of assisting refugees in the resettlement process. Currently at Belkin House in Vancouver we have a number of new friends staying with us. Each day they gather together and support one another as they begin to get settled in their new environment.
What a blessing it is to witness their encouragement of one another and the larger group, their willingness to volunteer, and their desire to give generously to their new community.
Recently staff and residents were treated to a wonderful Middle Eastern Meal prepared by a chef amid the group. Preparations involved working alongside our kitchen staff in a commercial sized kitchen, enlisting a team of volunteers, ordering supplies to feed 120, and promoting the event within the facility. It was a great ‘coming together’ and we all learned from one another.
The best part was that we were able to commune together over an authentic, delicious Afghani meal and open our palates to wonderful new flavours and menu items.

‘It was super successful event and a meaningful experience for this group.’
– Alvin Chong, Food Services Manager | Belkin House