Woman’s Inspiration

by British Columbia
Categories: Blog, Feature

Working at The Salvation Army Harbour Light Detox unit has given Buffy Donovan the opportunity to get to know the clients and listen to them. “The women inspire me, teach me about self-respect and patience. I have learned that change is possible through the support of people who have empathy and understanding.”              

Buffy has worked for over three years serving clients that are overcoming physical and emotional barriers through rehabilitation. Buffy’s experience of working with her Manager Emmy and staff, as well as the support she receives from her partner Ahmad have taught her that no matter what the challenge is, there is a way out.

While reflecting on International Women’s Day, Buffy shares about supporting mothers going through the journey of recovery. “They have something special, something worth getting better for.” As a mother of three, she herself remembers holding on to her son’s photo when overcoming challenges. And she understands how important it is to provide support to mothers trying to overcome addictions, sex trafficking and other barriers.

In honour of International Women’s Day, The Salvation Army wants to thank Buffy and the many women who continue to serve in our BC communities with empathy and strength.