Let’s end violence against women

by British Columbia
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Today we honour the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, as the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has often stated "Women's safety & equality are in everyone's best interest." The Salvation Army is able to provide safety to women in BC through the support of generous staff and donors like you. For 29 years, the Women's Charity Committee has chosen to support women’s rights by selecting The Salvation Army Kate Booth House as the sole beneficiary of their annual charity golf tournament. When women and children flee abusive homes, The Salvation Army’s Kate Booth House in Vancouver offers immediate shelter and support. 

The Salvation Army BC has an additional 10 beds for victims of human trafficking at Deborah's Gate, and has provided assistance to over 700 women in crisis, and safety to over 100 children through Kate Booth House. But that’s only a temporary solution and after 30 days they have to move on. One of the next stops for some is Esther’s Place, a 4-apartment safe house where families can stay up to two years. Esther’s Place is where women, who became homeless, single parents overnight, can get the support to find a job, get training and find a new place to live. 

The Salvation Army believes in providing support and safety to women so that they can transition from a life of abuse to a life of hope. Our facilities could not operate without the generous support of staff, volunteers and donors like Women’s Charity Committee ( Photo from L to R:Major Cathy Burrows-Executive Director, Kate Booth House; Kelly Barber & Nina Henriksen – Co-Chairs, Shaughnessy Women's Golf Tournament). This year alone their event raised $81,000. A sincere and heartfelt thank you for the dedicated support of the Shaughnessy Women's Charity Committee! 

“On behalf of all the victims, Thank you KBH for saving our lives and giving us our voice back.”                             – Kamal Dhillon, Kate Booth House client