Fashion Dreams

by British Columbia
Categories: Feature

Jill Setah is an inspiring mother of 4 that spends her time pursuing her fashion design dreams while working at The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Kelowna.
Her fashion career began with designing traditional Aboriginal regalia for her children’s events, and it expanded to showing pieces at the National Aboriginal Fashion Week in Saskatchewan and Couture Fashion Week in New York. 
While pursuing her dreams she enjoys working at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. She finds it a good environment to work in because of their positive involvement in Kelowna – she recalls receiving Christmas hamper assistance through The Salvation Army Christmas Fund one year and how she's truly appreciated that support and care in the community.
Jill`s dream is to open a fashion boutique in Westbank and she is currently fundraising to produce a fashion show in LA this October! We feel privileged to meet inspiring entrepreneurs like Jill and we wish her continued success on her future endeavours. 
For more information on how to support her visit her GoFundMe page: