Keep Holding On: Victoria.

by British Columbia
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Partnering with Ken Lavigne, The Salvation Army spoke about the importance to Keep Holding On when faced with a difficult time in your life.

Ken Lavigne, in his first public speaking engagement spoke about his decade long partnership with The Salvation Army, through the annual Naden Band Concert, “It’s been something that I’ve been really proud to associate with,” he told the capacity crowd.

In April, after agreeing to speak at the Luncheon, he learned more about what the Salvation Army does through tours of twoVictoriafacilities, the Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre and the Stan Hagen Centre for Families.  He heard firsthand accounts from our front line workers, “I was overwhelmed. I walked away from that experience changed in a really positive way,” he said. “I saw a group of dedicated volunteers and professionals giving their time to help the thousands, literally thousands, of individuals and families within the Greater Victoria area.”

His song, Keep Holding On, was written in dedication to his brother – in – law after he suffered a horrible  and life altering accident, is the perfect complement to the Salvation Army message of helping those in need.

“Sometimes, when you are at the end of your rope, all you need is for someone to help you tie a knot so you can keep holding on,” And with that, he performed Keep Holding On.

During his performance, a video montage of client stories was played for the crowd to illustrate why they keep holding on…

Holding on to LOVE
Holding on to FAITH
Holding on to RECOVERY
Holding on to DIGNITY
Holding on to HOPE
Holding on to COMMUNITY

… Holding on for TOMORROW

Major Brian Venables spoke about the various ways we work towards restoring dignity in our clients and community, “In the last year, we’ve had 33 different boys enter the Hope House, and I’m happy to announce today that 19 of them have completed the program, have graduated, and today are drug-free. The Stan Hagen Centre literally sees hundreds of diverse family units will come for assistance, today and every day.”