Empowering the Future: How The Salvation Army Gives Hope During Back-to-School

by Maritime
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    As summer’s end approaches and the leaves begin to turn, the excitement and stress of a new school year looms on the horizon. For The Salvation Army, this signifies the continuation of a mission close to our hearts – ensuring that every child is equipped for success. Already, The Salvation Army employees and volunteers across the division have been hard at work collecting, organizing, and distributing school supplies to families and children who need a little extra support this school year.

    Bridgetown, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Maritimes, known for its strong sense of community was at the forefront of back-to-school efforts this summer. Despite not historically having a back-to-school program, the local Salvation Army partnered with Schools Plus and members of the community to rally together for a successful school supply drive benefiting students at the local primary to twelve school.

    “With this being the first year we’ve offered the back-to-school program in our community, we wondered what the response would look like,” says Lieutenant Kaitlin Russell, leader of The Salvation Army in Bridgetown. “So, we are incredibly thankful to all the amazing businesses, organizations, and individuals who came together to help us make our back-to-school efforts a success this year.”

    But Bridgetown is not alone in its back-to-school efforts. Across the Maritime Division, similar back-to-school initiatives took place. From Halifax to Saint John, communities are coming together to make a difference, with thousands of kids who would otherwise go without, getting to go to school happy and poised for success. It’s a true embodiment of The Salvation Army’s core values – compassion, respect, and love for our neighbors.

    However, the work of The Salvation Army is never done, and only with your involvement can we ensure that our communities are getting the support they need. You can help The Salvation Army Give Hope to your community by donating below, or volunteering at your local Salvation Army Branch.

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