Complaints Policy

For Thrift Store complaints/concerns please contact the Guest Services department at 1-855-984-8378 or email

If this is a complaint about your donation, please visit our donation FAQ.

Complaints can be provided in alternate accessible formats. Please inform us how we can best communicate with you.

The purpose of the Complaints Policy is to set out a protocol in the event a complaint is received pertaining to The Salvation Army’s mission and ministry.


A complaint shall be deemed to be any written statement from a stakeholder (member of the public) who raises a concern with a process or program that is part of the ministry of The Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army is committed to meeting the needs of our communities. It is possible that in its attempt to provide services and programs a complaint/concern arises that requires attention. While The Salvation Army strives for excellence in all it does, there may be occasions when a level of dissatisfaction occurs that requires attention and resolution.


In order to address any concern …

  • in a prompt manner
  • with respect and fairness
  • and in an accountable manner

… the following process has been established:

1. Complaints/concerns should be addressed to the relevant supervisory staff at the source before any escalation.

2. Complaints/concerns should be documented in written detail in order to facilitate the appropriate review and resolution.

3. Complaints/concerns should be made to the Territorial Director of Marketing & Communications by phone at 416-425-2111, email at, mail at “The Salvation Army, 2 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1P4, Attn: Territorial Secretary for Communications, Confidential” or by using the contact form below.

4. Your complaint will be reviewed as quickly as possible in order to ascertain the best avenue of response and resolution.


The Territorial Secretary for Communications will provide a report annually to the Governing Council of The Salvation Army (legal entity) outlining the number and types of complaints received and how they were addressed.

The history of complaints/concerns will help improve the delivery of The Salvation Army’s services.

The expectation is that all complaints/concerns should be addressed as quickly as possible allowing for a reasonable response time following receipt.

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