Correctional and Justice Services

Correctional and Justice Services (CJS) encourages and assists all persons affected by the justice system. We support all individuals with issues in the courts, institutions, or involvement with correctional services, or those with family members involved in these areas.

The Salvation Army offers clients practical support, outreach and other types of assistance to re-establish their lives productively and enable positive re-integration into community following incarceration. We strive to build stronger relationships between participants and their families, provide tools and knowledge for independent living, find solutions to better handle life situations, set realistic goals and more.

A salvation Army employee showing a pamphlet to a man

Programs include:

  • Electronic surveillance
  • Compulsive shoplifting
  • Addictions
  • John school
  • Positive lifestyle
  • Court house support
  • Anger management
  • Healthy choices
  • Community reintegration support
  • Client specific and family counselling

Prison Ministries
Through cooperative arrangements with prison, probation, and parole officials, The Salvation Army plays a growing role in prison rehabilitation and crime prevention. Services include pre-release job-training programs, employment opportunities in cooperation with parole personnel, material aid, and spiritual guidance to both prisoners and their families.

The prospect of prison can be incredibly daunting and confusing. Having someone to talk to, provide support and explain what will happen, which can make a huge difference.

Our chaplains are available at many courts and prisons. They talk people through the process, let them know what to expect, and direct them to other helpful services so they can be best prepared for what’s to come. Services such as counselling, rehabilitation, prison programs and family support can help to remind clients they’re not alone.