Follow the guidelines below and send us your ideas or even better, a sketch of the new mascot.

You can submit your ideas and sketches by May 29, 2020 and briefly explain why your mascot is the best one to join our team.


Guidelines for our new mascot:

  • The mascot must represent The Salvation Army’s values;
  • The mascot can have a human, animal or object body type;
  • The mascot has to show helping, friendly and approachable characteristics;
  • The mascot needs to have a bilingual name (name should be easily pronounced in both French and English).


Disclaimer. The Salvation Army has the right to refuse any submission. The winner of the contest will be selected based on the success of following the guidelines, creativity and innovation of the proposed ideas or sketch. 
The winner of the contest will be contacted by email. Please ensure that the given email in the form is correct.