Press Release: Covid-19 Updates

by larisa
Categories: News

    The Quebec Division of The Salvation Army wishes to express its concern regarding the recent announcement by the provincial government to restrict attendance in places of worship to a maximum of fifty people. We want to understand the reasons justifying this restriction being applied to churches when a different standard applies to other gathering places such as cinemas or performance halls which can still accommodate 250 people. We follow public health guidelines in our churches while ensuring the safety of our visitors.

    We believe that places of worship are important and necessary as they provide a venue where people can gather and find comfort in these difficult times.

    We hereby wish to emphasize our concern to the government about its decision to reduce the number of people attending church services to 50, and we seek clarification on why churches are classified in this way.


    Major Mélisa Tardif, Area Commander

    Cc: Major Keith Pike, Divisional Commander