The Salvation Army Fights Back Against Period Poverty

by Maritime
Categories: 2022, Blog

Menstrual hygiene products are one of food banks’ most requested yet least donated items. To address this, The Salvation Army took part in Halifax Move 100’s Tampon Tuesday throughout September.

Tampon Tuesday is a grassroots program focused on providing dignity to people by ensuring they have access to tampons and other hygiene products when needed. Throughout September organizations and individuals dropped off donations of tampons and other hygiene products at Mic Mac Mall. Then, at the end of the month, the hygiene products were collected and distributed across the Halifax Regional Municipality by The Salvation Army.

“Every day, individuals and families struggle with having to make hard choices on how to slice and dice the little they have to get the most basic of needs. Food and personal hygiene products are part of those choices which make period poverty a reality,” shared Captain Brent Haas with The Salvation Army (Dartmouth). “Together, we can be part of the solution, so decisions like these don’t need to be made.”

Period poverty is the struggle countless low-income individuals are currently facing while trying to afford menstrual products. In 2020, close to 25% of Canadian women and nearly 33% of women younger than 25 faced financial hardship in securing menstrual products for themselves or their dependents.

“Tampon Tuesday allows The Salvation Army to help those in need combat this issue by directly providing this basic necessity to vulnerable members of our community,” concluded Captain Haas regarding The Salvation Army’s Tampon Tuesday efforts.

Tampon Tuesday is not only about collecting and donating tampons to those in need, it is also about raising awareness that period poverty persists partly because of the stigma surrounding the topic of menstruation.

The first step to ending period poverty is talking about it, and The Salvation Army is proud to be part of this conversation as individuals, communities and organizations alike struggle to find a lasting solution.

If you are looking to help or donate towards initiatives that support vulnerable members of your community, please contact your local ministry unit at or visit to donate today.