Salvation Army Delivers 300 Flower Plants to Seniors in Fredericton

by Maritime
Categories: 2021, News Archive

The Salvation Army in Fredericton brought joy to hundreds of seniors when they delivered more than 300 flower plants and handmade cards to four retirement homes in the community last week. 

“We want to engage seniors in our community garden project funded by Healthy Seniors Pilot Project federal funding, especially those who live in nursing homes and are not able to get out to participate in our community garden,” explains Susan Strickland, community and family services coordinator. “Since they can’t come to the plants, we are bringing the plants to them.” 

The flower plants included snapdragons, nigella, and zinnias, which were potted by other seniors during a workshop held the week prior. As part of their community garden project, The Salvation Army in Fredericton hosts up to 12 workshops each year.  

“The workshops are very engaging for seniors. This one in particular because they knew they were bringing joy to their fellow seniors living in retirement homes,” she explains. 

Each plant also came with a handmade card prepared by children from a local daycare called Enrich Kids. 

“We are integrating all groups with covid caution,” says Susan. “The cards were a great way for the kids to be involved since they can’t come for their annual intergenerational community garden visit at this time.” 

The seniors who received the gifts were both delighted and grateful, one so much that she wrote a hand-written letter to thank The Salvation Army. 

“The letter was beautiful and heartwarming. The flower plants and cards meant the world to them.  This precious woman said, “What a lovely surprise to have a potted, healthy zinnia cutting delivered to my room today what a nice idea that we can water it & watch it grow to a mature plant.”