Salvation Army Provides Budget-Friendly Cooking Classes in Halifax

by Maritime
Categories: 2021, News Archive

When you’re cooking for your family on a tight budget, creating healthy meals can be a challenge. That’s why The Salvation Army in Fairview is providing meal prep classes to teach these life-changing skills.

“Instead of simply giving someone a food box, these classes teach families how to use food bank items to create healthy meals,” explains Captain Brent Haas, leader of The Salvation Army in Fairview. “Everyone in the class leaves with multiple prepared meals for the week and the skills they need to continue this in the future.”

“Everyone in the class learned new skills”

The first class took place in March of 2021. Salvation Army volunteers and employees taught the 8-person social distance class how to prepare four meals and one dessert that can be prep-made and frozen then heated up on busy evenings. 

“Learning how to cook healthy meals yourself is empowering. Everyone in the class learned new skills and recipes and enjoyed a day of safe socialization and laughter at a distance.”

Each individual that registered learned to prepare the meals and follow the simple recipes at their own station. Meals included a winter lentil soup, hearty black bean quesadillas, presto stuffed shells, chili and chocolate chip cookies.

“The meals we chose for each class are simple, healthy and affordable,” he explains. “They are also easy to change up based on dietary restrictions or even religious needs.” 

The Salvation Army in Fairview is offering meal prep classes in addition to the many programs and services they offer. Learn more about the programs available in your community.