Maritime Thrift Stores Ready for Easter 2021

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The spring colors of Easter can now be seen on display at most Maritime thrift stores. When we begin to see the pretty colored baskets in windows it’s an indication that the time of year is approaching.

The team at The Salvation Army North Sydney Thrift Store created 30 children’s Easter baskets for this year’s season. They’re able to provide the baskets because of a generous donation of Easter Supplies.

“We’ve received enough supplies to generously fill the baskets,” says Alana, Thrift Store manager. “Even though there were many items to choose from, we decided to fill and wrap the baskets and have them ready for the customers to purchase.”

“It makes it easier for grandparents”

From activity books and stickers, to bubbles and bunny ears, there’s a mix of items in each basket for each child to enjoy. The thrift store in the nearby community of Sydney have followed suit.

“We fill the baskets and leave a little room in case the customer would like to add another item,” says Samantha, thrift store clerk.

Many customers who shop for Easter baskets are the grandparents. “Shopping for ready-made baskets makes it easier for the grandparents,” Alana explains. “They come to shop around but also to purchase a basket, and they all sell quickly.”

It’s typical for thrift stores to receive seasonal donations. For stores located in Bridgewater and Summerside, they’ve discovered unique ways to display the large foil and paper cut outs. Both locations are reliant on seasonal donations and make good use of them. In Summerside, they strategically place items in groupings around the store but because the store is full most of the time, the Easter decorations of bunnies and eggs are hung from the ceiling creating an eye-catching display.

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By: Jan Keats