Finding Hope at The Salvation Army

by Maritime
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When Cindy was in the midst of separating from her husband, she became unable to support herself and her children.

“I was experiencing a separation, which led to a divorce, and I was left with two young children on my own,” Cindy explains. “My ex was addicted to prescription pain medication and had squandered all of our savings on gambling losses and gambling debts that he acquired while trying to feed his addiction.”

Soon, she found herself at a loss as she was unable to provide for her family.

“I found myself living on a limited budget, with no vehicle, and no job to support myself and the children. The feelings of shame and inadequacy were overwhelming, and I fell into a deep depression, finding it nearly impossible to provide for my kids the practical things they needed.”

“I was received with warmth and compassion”

That’s when Cindy decided to reach out for support and turned to The Salvation Army in Moncton.

“Not knowing where to turn, I called The Salvation Army on King Street,” says Cindy. “I was received with warmth and compassion, without judgement.”

The Salvation Army began helping Cindy immediately, providing the family with food support and clothing. They also connected her to a support program in the community.

“As desperate as we were for those practical things, what meant the world to me was the time and attention they gave to me. They really listened and they genuinely cared about me and my situation. 

They really changed by life”

Across the Maritimes, The Salvation Army provided practical assistance to those in need. For many people, such as Cindy, this support can be life-changing.

“They stepped in to fill a gap that carried us through at a time when I could not do it alone and had no one else. I built a network of support with the Army’s help, I was able to see a way forward for myself. I am so thankful for The Salvation Army. They treated me with dignity and they gave me hope. They really changed my life.”

Last year, The Salvation Army helped more than 56,000 struggling Maritimers. When you donate to The Salvation Army you can give hope for a better tomorrow. Give today


By: Elise Williston