Maritime Salvationists Celebrate Canada Day Away From Home

by Maritime
Categories: 2020, Blog

This year, Canada Day will take on a new meaning. Instead of fireworks and festivals, many have shifted their focus to appreciation and gratitude for our country. For Maritime Salvationists Rob and Samantha Jeffery, this has been their way of celebrating since moving to the United States five years ago.

When the opportunity to move to New York presented itself, the couple made the leap to move, Rob taking a position at The Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters USA East, and Samantha at a pharmacy consulting firm.  

Rob and Samantha quickly realized that life in the United States is much like that of Canada, as they engage in similar recreational activities. The family enjoys hiking, running and exploring the city of New York and other parts of the country. 

“We like to explore the city that never sleeps,” says Rob. “Just last year we went to Los Angeles to cheer Samantha on as she ran the LA Marathon.” 

Realizing that relocating to New York meant being away from many family members and friends, the Jeffery family still miss their home in Nova Scotia.

“As much as God has blessed us in the United States, I deeply miss friends and family back home in Nova Scotia,” explains Rob. “On the rare occasion when we get a foggy day here, I fondly think of all the years I lived in Halifax and thank God for His leading in our lives.”

As Canada Day takes on a new meaning for Rob, Samantha and their two young children, they continue to be grateful for their Canadian heritage and freedom. “I appreciate so much about Canada, but I’d have to say, it’s our cultural values that I affirm the most.”


By: Jan Keats