Letters to Maritime Premiers

by Maritime
Categories: 2020, News Archive

On behalf of vulnerable people and those experiencing homelessness in the Maritimes, our Divisional Leader has written to the Premiers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. 

In the letters, Major Budgell commends the Premiers on their strong leadership and their dedicated support, as well as our organization’s commitment to following the health guidelines established by all levels of government.

The letters are also a reminder of the importance of the essential services The Salvation Army provides, such as food banks and shelters, in all three provinces. 

“Vital services for the vulnerable population in Prince Edward Island include shelters, community feeding programs and food banks,” says Major Budgell in his letter to Premier King. “In the days since COVID-19 cases developed and job loss began, the need for these services has increased substantially. We are working tirelessly to meet the demand.”

Letters of the same nature were also sent to Premier McNeil and Premier Higgs. 

The Salvation Army continues to provide its essential services to the vulnerable during COVID-19. For more information or to donate visit SalvationArmy.ca or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.