Salvation Army Assists with Two Pop-up Shelters in Downtown Halifax

by Maritime
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While many Canadians are social distancing and safely self-isolated in their homes, others are simply unable to take these necessary precautions to protect themselves, especially those experiencing homelessness. In Halifax, The Salvation Army is collaborating with other local nonprofits to ensure there is a safe place for everyone by assisting with newly established pop-up shelters. 

“We are dedicated to assisting where there is need”

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing has set up temporary shelters in downtown Halifax to keep everyone safe and to allow existing shelters to provide proper social distancing. The Salvation Army is assisting in these efforts by providing food services and emotional and spiritual care. 

“Everyone is coming together to help, with each group utilizing their strongest resources. Collaborating will ensure needs are met and keep the pop-up shelters open as long as they have to be,” says Captain Jamie Locke, divisional secretary for public relations and development. 

Each night, The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope is preparing hot meals for up to 80 guests and transporting them to the shelter using the emergency disaster services vehicle, where volunteers unload the food and distribute it to the guests. 

“Safety is our first priority,” Locke explains, “We are following all necessary protocols to keep everyone safe while we prepare and distribute the meals, including our guests and dedicated volunteers.”

“Everyone is coming together to help”

Yesterday, a second pop-up shelter was established. The Salvation Army has committed to providing support for this facility as well for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. They expect to be feeding more than 100 guests next week. 

“We are dedicated to helping wherever there is need,” says Locke. “Our protocols have been established and our teams are in place. The Salvation Army is here to help as long as we are needed.”

The Salvation Army continues to provide essential services across Canada, but with a modified approach. To donate, follow this link or call 902-455-1201.


By: Angela Rafuse