The Salvation Army in Agincourt Helps Kids Get Ready for Back to School

Salvation Army Agincourt helping with school supplies
by The Salvation Army in Canada

The Salvation Army in the Agincourt neighbourhood of Toronto is preparing up to 700 backpacks filled with supplies for school aged children this Fall.

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Coordinator Fae Sturge says they supplied 586 backpacks last year but are expecting more families to register this year due to the rising cost of food and rent as well as job losses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We already have 550 children registered and there are still six weeks left to register,” said Fae.

Each new backpack is filled with school supplies needed for the grade they will be entering into as well as a lunch bag. “We acquired lists from the school boards on what students will need in each grade. We couldn’t supply everything on the lists, but we added what we could.”

Supplies include pencils, pens and pencil cases and double pocketed folders. For the older children there are also binders and duo tangs.

“It’s amazing to hear parents explain what it means for their children to have new backpacks just like all the other kids at school. It gives them the confidence and the supplies they need so they won’t fall behind at school,” said Fae. “The look on the kids faces when they get their new backpack, even before they open them, makes this all worth while.”

The backpacks will be distributed beginning August 29,th  2022.  “The week before that we work on putting all the backpacks together and in order by age group,” said Fae. “We have a lot of young mission partners who are completing their high school volunteer hours that help us out. It’s amazing how quick they work. We can get it all done in a day or two.”

Funding and donations for the program comes from a number of service partners including Girl Guides Trefoil Guild, Monat Global and the Markville Mall, as well as people from the community and the congregation.

“We are so grateful to our service partners and our mission partners for their very generous support to the program,” said Fae.

By: Caroline Franks