Honouring Rosemarie Bryan’s Acts of Hope at The Salvation Army

Rosemarie in red Salvation Army brandwear
by SalvationArmy.ca
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Across Canada, Salvation Army staff, supporters and volunteers continue to demonstrate acts of hope to those in need.

Rosemarie Bryan, community and family services coordinator at The Salvation Army’s Etobicoke Temple in Toronto, Ontario, believes that partnerships and working together can help uplift everyone who needs help.

“The clients, staff and volunteers—we are all a family”

“The clients, staff and volunteers—we are all a family,” says Rosemarie, “They call me Mama Rose!”

Rosemarie has worked many years in community and family Services and has built relationships with local businesses to bring the community together. “I partner with grocery and department stores as well as chiropractors, chefs, personal trainers and even estheticians who all volunteer their time and donate to our clients,” she says.

Families who visit the food bank have experienced spontaneous, spirit-lifting events, such as a 10-minute workout with a fitness trainer.

One of the events close to Rosemarie’s heart is Lady’s Let’s Talk. “Before the pandemic, 100 ladies came for lunch, discussed their hardships and encouraged each other.”

Though full of positivity and strength, Rosemarie knows what it’s like to go through ups and downs. Three weeks before being hired at The Salvation Army, she was laid off and on her last unemployment cheque. She was also overcoming an abusive relationship and divorce. “On my way home from work, I would cry,” says Rosemarie. “Helping others and working at The Salvation Army gave me hope!”

“I love to make a difference in my community”

Rosemarie began her employment as a secretary and worked her way up to working directly with people, something she always wanted to do. She went back to school and received her diploma in social work.

“I love to make a difference in my community,” exclaims Rosemarie.

When asked about memorable moments, Rosemarie tearfully recalled a client who helped her realize her strong impact on people’s lives.

“A financial advisor at the bank told my boss that when she was new to Canada and struggling with depression and financial worries, I helped her, and she will always remember that. Moments like these are encouraging as I continue to help vulnerable neighbours in my community.”


By Sharifa Duncan