Corey’s Homelessness Story

Corey stands in from of window

When 43-year-old Corey broke his leg, he had treatment in a hospital away from home and family. Upon his release he had nowhere to go and slept in his wheelchair on the streets of downtown St. John’s, NL. He was alone, hungry, and never sure where he would find his next meal. Then he reached out to The Salvation Army.

“I was in a hard predicament,” says Corey. “I had to be near doctors but had nowhere to go.”

“I feel at peace and cared for here.”

Corey came to The Salvation Army’s Wiseman Centre where he was provided with a private room, three meals a day and support from professional staff, which includes assistance with finding safe, suitable and affordable housing.

“I feel at peace and cared for here,” says Corey.

Throughout his life, Corey has struggled with challenges. Substance abuse took priority over family and friends and epileptic seizures prevented him from staying employed, affecting his emotional and mental health.

“I had to be near doctors but had nowhere to go.”

“I was young, and drugs were something to try, then my addiction got bad. Once you start, it is hard to get away from it,” he says. “When I did needles, I knew it had to end. I just gave it up and I’m doing good.”

The Salvation Army believes that everyone deserves compassion and respect.

“I have a smile on my face thanks to The Salvation Army,” says Corey. ““It’s nice here, but I don’t want to live my life here. I want my own apartment I can call home.”

By Linda Leigh