Bonnie’s Very Special Christmas

Mexican family opening presents on Christmas morning
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Bonnie is a senior, living alone in Fort Frances, Ontario, on an extremely limited income. “I really haven’t had a lot of money to have a Christmas with my family and my grandchildren” she says. But in 2021, She reached out to The Salvation Army for a Christmas Hamper so she could host her family including her four grandchildren. “When I walked into the Salvation Army, they greeted me with a smile. They’re very, very, very kind, made me feel very comfortable …because it was really difficult for me to do that” Bonnie admits.

She says the process of applying for a hamper was easy compared to working up the courage to ask. “It wasn’t a tough process at all! I just went online and filled out the application told them my story. I didn’t wait a long time for a response back. A lady emailed me and told me that I was eligible. It’s very well organized, very well thought out. Very thoughtful, very kind” Bonnie says.

Not only was Bonnie eligible for a food hamper but The Salvation Army in Fort Frances was also able to provide her with gifts for her grandchildren. “They asked me what their ages were and what they like. My one grandson he likes to draw, they put in amazing drawing kit for him. One or two little ones, they love Legos – There was Legos in there for them. They really took a good look at my application, and they met all the needs for my grandchildren” she explains.

“When I picked up my hamper I was overwhelmed. They made Christmas for me” says Bonnie. Her hamper included all the fixings: turkey, cranberries, snacks – a complete meal. “There was nothing that wasn’t there, everything was perfect. They couldn’t have put those hampers together any better. They did an amazing job” she says.

Bonnie’s birthday also follows close to Christmas, so she was extra excited to celebrate both occasions with her family. “It was a very special dinner. That’s from the bottom of my heart. And I really, greatly appreciated [it]” she says, holding back tears. She says this is a Christmas she and her family will always remember. “We’re very blessed to have The Salvation Army in Fort Frances. I can’t say enough, I can’t thank them enough. It was a great day”.