Australia Bushfire Response Update

Weary firefighters are fed by Salvation Army emergency services

January 14, 2020—Salvation Army volunteers continue to provide around-the-clock support to disaster-affected communities across Australia. Due to the incredible needs, The Salvation Army has deployed rotating international and interstate teams to reinforce local volunteers.

To date:

  • we’ve activated more than 3,000 personnel who are providing immediate emotional, spiritual and practical support to firefighters volunteers and those impacted;
  • served more than 125,000 meals and over 110,000 light refreshments;
  • participated in more than 130 official operations;
  • we are serving communities in 160 evacuation centres across the country.

In addition, The Salvation Army is providing tailored assistance to meet individual and community needs, which are typically determined in consultation with government, emergency services and local community leadership. These include:

  • financial, housing and practical assistance;
  • community capacity building;
  • information, referrals and advice.

Due to the kind and generous support of the public we are able to impact lives as the catastrophic bushfires continue. The nature of this unprecedented and ongoing disaster means that in some areas, The Salvation Army has moved into our recovery phase and, in others, we are still providing emergency response.