In rural Newfoundland, at only five years old, Lt. Colonel Sandra Stokes knew she wanted to join The Salvation Army. This decision, along with God’s guidance, led her on an incredible journey of helping those she met, inspiring others with her faith, and shaping the leader she has become in her current position as Divisional  […]

The Hope of Spring: Diana’s Story

Posted on 26th February 2024, by jonathang
As the winter approached, bringing with it a chill that seemed to seep into the bones, Diana and her six children faced the kind of cold that goes beyond physical discomfort. It was a cold that threatened hope itself, making each day a battle for warmth and light. Yet, it was in this moment of  […]
Born to an English father and a Scottish mother, Donald Brazier early years were marked by the tumultuous backdrop of World War II. His father, Richard (Dick) George Brazier played a pivotal role in shaping his perspective on life, instilling in him the values of generosity and community service, especially with the Salvation Army. As  […]
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