Corporate Corner – Scotiabank

by British Columbia
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Welcome to our Corporate Corner, a place where you can get to know some of our corporate partners a little better. In this issue we highlight the involvement of Scotiabank.


Scotiabank is helping transform communities across British Columbia by doing one thing – caring. And because they care, thousands of young lives are being changed and our future is being secured.

By supporting a number of programs (sports, health and well being, education and financial empowerment – just to name a few) they are making a significant investment in our communities, and in particular, our children and youth.

“Young people are our future leaders and it is critical to help them develop the skills and resources they need to succeed.”

For the past 4 years Scotiabank has been supporting our annual Hope in the City Breakfast as the title sponsor. But that is just one small part of what they do for The Salvation Army across the province. Their generosity starts at their head office and trickles down through local branches and it has been nothing short of inspiring. Their commitment allows us to serve the youth of communities right here in the Lower Mainland and across the province.

Senior Vice President, BC & Yukon Region, Lesly Tayles, speaking at the 2018 Hope in the City Breakfast


The best thing about Scotiabank’s support in our communities is that it is not symbolic and it is not lip service – it is real and it is making a difference in the lives of our youth.

Their financial commitment to The Salvation Army allows us to send kids to camp, ensure they have access to school supplies, and in many cases, allows us to provide food and other essentials to ensure they are healthy in mind and body.

Scotiabank strives to make a positive difference where we live and work, recognizing that when communities are healthy and have access to programs directed towards youth, they boost their chances of employment, which in turn strengthens our communities overall.

For children and youth experiencing financial hardship, this support means the world. We know this, because we see it every day in our Family Service Centres across the province. Families living at or below the poverty line access our services week-in and week-out, sometimes just trying to get by, other times growing and thriving in one of our programs.

We don’t always know what they need or their motivation for accessing our programs and services, but we do know the only reason we can make them available is through the generosity of partners like Scotiabank. Thank you Scotiabank for giving HOPE today … and every day.