Abri d’espoir

Journey to take back control

Posted on 21st October 2020, by The Salvation Army in Canada
Janice standing in front of wall
Janice came to L’Abri d’espoir over a year ago. Her journey to arrive at The Salvation Army’s Montreal women’s shelter and be where she is today, required a lot of determination, support and help, but she is proud of what she has accomplished. Janice moved to Québec to escape with her daughter from an abusive  […]

“How my life was changed!” ― Sarah

Posted on 30th June 2015, by karine
In the days when I was very busy, the Lord was not really a priority. I went about my life, working full time, taking care of my aging Mother, going out with friends and delighting in shopping. The scales began tipping the other way when she was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Since my mind was  […]