Township of Scugog Residents Appreciative of Response from The Salvation Army

by chrismcgregor
Categories: Divisional News

For two days following the devastating windstorm that passed through Ontario on May 21, the small town of Caesarea, northeast of Port Perry, received encouragement and support from The Salvation Army.

Leigh Rowney, Food Services Director with The Salvation Army Church Family Services in Oshawa, made the trip to Caesarea, handing out water, hot and cold drinks, and snacks to residents from the mobile food services vehicle.

The Salvation Army provided support to the area at the invite of the Township of Scugog, which was hit hard by Saturday’s destructive storm. For two days at the local fire station, about 90 people stopped by for a beverage, a granola bar, and a muffin, or to talk about their experiences and receive emotional support.

“They could not have been more thankful. Everyone was so grateful and so appreciative. Even the people that did not want anything from us, they were so thankful that we were out there to assist,” Leigh says.

Leigh also drove around the town to provide mobile service to people at their homes as they cleared downed trees and cleaned up damaged properties.

“People have been saying to us, ‘This is why we give to The Salvation Army because you guys are the first ones out here helping those in need.’ And there has been a great response from the community.”