Meet the Newest DHQ Staff

Join us as we welcome new faces to the DHQ offices and say farewell to those who are retiring …




Susan Bains-Grewal, Major Gifts Officer

Fund Development Department

I know that God had a hand in my journey to be working at TSA. I accepted Christ at the age of 21 at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church. Best life decision ever! My faith and my love of people makes the work I’m doing on the development team a perfect match for me. I am happily married to Bob and we have a 16 year old son Arran. We live in sunny Tsawwassen.





Kali Burrows, Administrative Coordinator

Youth Department

I have worked for The Salvation Army in some form of Children and Youth ministries since I was 16 years old. I am passionate about people experiencing and knowing God fully as they seek truth and step into their authentic selves. If I’m not at work, you will find me by the water with a good friend and a caffeinated drink!





Robyn Nagel, Executive Assistant

Public Relations Department

I am very excited to be employed with such a globally recognized and respected company. In my role I will be assisting the Divisional Secretary of Public Relations as well as the rest of the PR team. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports such as ringette, hockey and ultimate frisbee and spending time with my dog, Penny.





Jamal Osman, Regional HR Manager

Human Relations Department

I joined The Salvation Army as the Divisional Senior Employee Relations Advisor for Alberta after over 13 years in HR across the public/private/not-for-profit sectors in Alberta. Since starting my role as one of the two Regional HR Managers for BC in May, I’ve already learned that I’m blessed to be a part of a fantastic HR team and a fabulous group of leaders and staff across BC.






Majors Dave and Malba Holliday, Officers

Family Tracing and Kate Booth House

David and Malba have been trusted figures in The Salvation Army for over 70 years (combined). As they head into retirement, they look forward to creating their own schedule, which does not include deadlines. They also look forward to reinventing the traditional Monday morning and assure us their alarm clock will be silent on these precious days. They are really looking forward to the freedom to travel, taking long walks together, and road trips to see friends they haven’t in a while. They will grieve the loss of daily contact with trusted colleagues and friends at work, but look forward to making new contacts some of whom will become good friends. Above all remembering the wisdom and teaching contained in “The Message” Proverbs 3:5,6. Thank you David and Malba. We will miss you dearly.


David Woodland, Divisional Social Services Secretary

Social Services Department

David Woodland (“Woody”) has been with The Army longer then half of the staff in the PR department. But now it is time to say goodbye … or at least see you around. His quick wit and sense of humour were second only to his passion and knowledge for the work. Always one to say what he was thinking, his straight forward demeanour was greatly appreciated by many, and his comments were usually bang on. Unless they weren’t. Dave has taught many here a lot about The Army and his institutional knowledge is going to be missed. But if you’re looking for him post retirement, you will know to search the deep woods where he will be “huntin’, and fishin’ and lovin’ every day.” We want to wish him every bit of luck and bless him and Gloria and their entire family as they enter this new chapter in their lives. With Dave at home all the time now, prayers can be sent to Gloria daily. We love you big guy! You will be missed.