New Roles Around B.C.

See who switched desks and has taken on new roles in the recent months within the organization …


Sheldon Feener, Area Commander – Social Mission
BC DHQ Administration

Born to Salvation Army Officer parents and raised in Newfoundland, I have been a part of this organization for my entire life. I knew from an incredibly young age that God had called me to be an Officer and when I was a child, I told my parents I would be an Officer if I could drive a tractor. I am coming up on 20 years as an Officer and I still haven’t driven a tractor! I have spent most of my Officership in the social side of the Army having served in Canada, the UK and the USA and Social Mission is where I found my passion. My wife, Sharon and I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.



Sharon Feener, Regional Human Relations
Administrative Assistant (West)

I often joke with people that working for The Salvation Army is like going into the family business. Growing up as an Officers kid resenting our inevitable moves, I vowed I’d never work for The Salvation Army, but we all know the saying “We plan and God laughs”. Not only are my husband and in laws both Officers, but I’ve spent the last 17 years working for the Army around North America. This most recent move to Human Relations has been exciting and everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team.




Jeffrey Baergen, Executive Director
The Salvation Army Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre

Called to work with marginalized populations, I have spent the past 20+ years working with humans facing every kind of social challenge within the social services sector. I have spent most of my career in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, before moving to Vancouver Island with my wife in 2015. Since, it has been a privilege to spend my time at The Salvation Army ARC in Victoria. I am as humbled as I am excited to take the lead at the ARC and know for certain that God has great big plans for this Ministry.




Sipili Molia, Manager, Community Relations
Public Relations and Development Office

Proud husband and father of 4 (not including my dog, cat, ducks or chickens). I’ve worked for TSA for over eight years but was pretty much born into it, with my father working for the Army close to 40 years and being our family’s place of worship. Ever since I rededicated my life to Jesus and followed his ways, he has guided my every step and led me here. I feel very blessed to now work in the PR department for the Division. It’s been a great fit as I love people, their stories and sharing the good news to anyone willing to listen to me. I hope to continue making a positive difference in my role here at DHQ.