Annual Change 2021


We would like to welcome all of those who are accepting new roles this summer in British Columbia as part of the Annual Officer Change. We hope your time here is fruitful and rewarding and we would like you to know that all of us at DHQ are here to support you in your endeavours. To those who are staying in the province, we wish you the best of luck in your new Ministry Unit, and as always, we are here to support you.

To those who have left us and are moving from our division to other provinces we want to say a heartfelt thank you. It was an absolute pleasure working with each and everyone one of you and we wish you nothing but the best in your new roles.


Changes in the British Columbia Division:

Kelowna Community Church

  • Welcome Majors Isobel and Mark Wagner who are arriving from THQ where Isobel was the Learning Development Coordinator in the Corps Mission Resource Department, and Mark was was the Corps Mission Resource Secretary and interim Corps Officer at North Toronto Community Church.
  • Farewell to Captains Darryl & Kim Burry who are moving to Alberta & Northern Territories Division and into their new roles as Area Commanders.

Kootenay Valley Community Church

  • Welcoming Captains Anne & Randy Holden moving from New Westminster
  • Farewell to Major Ginny Kristensen

Nelson Community Church

  • Welcome Lieutenants Annjanette and Antonio DaSilva
  • Farewell to Captain Michelle Cale

New Westminster Citadel

  • Welcome Captains Alfred & Cathy Esdaille from North Vancouver
  • Farewell to Captains Randy & Anne Holden

North Vancouver Corps

  • Welcome to Captain Michelle Cale who is arriving from Nelson
  • Farewell to Captains Alfred & Cathy Esdaille


Read the full list of Officer Changes here: