and the Fill the Kettle Hashtag

by Salvation Army
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On November 15 The Salvation Army launched a new website for our Christmas Kettle campaign, The site encourages Canadians to virtually monitor their neighbourhood kettle.

Visitors to the site are able to track how much has been raised in Kettles across Canada and they can make donations online or invite others to donate to a particular Kettle.

Each of the Kettles set up across Canada are represented on a Google map so people can go online to check the progress being made at the community and national levels.

Every year The Salvation Army is asked how much has been raised at a particular Kettle, combines something that’s 118 years old with something current and gives us an idea of how much has been raised.

The Fill the Kettle Hashtag

Paired with the launch of The Salvation Army is encouraging Twitter users to Tweet about the Christmas Kettles using the Hashtag #fillthekettle.

If you’re new to Twitter, a Hashtag is when you see something in a tweet that has a # prefix. (The # is a hash symbol, hence the term hash tag or Hashtag.)

By using the #fillthekettle Hashtag you’ll join in a community of people who are equally passionate about The Salvation Army Christmas Kettles! So go out and Tweet about the Kettles! You can check out the #FilltheKettle Hashtag Tweets on Twitter or on