International Leader of The Salvation Army Signs COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Declaration
GENERAL Brian Peddle, the leader of the worldwide Salvation Army, has become the latest global leader to sign the World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccine Equity Declaration. Adding his name to the document on 2 March 2021, the General gives thanks to God for the vaccine which he describes as an ‘answer to prayer’. But he  […]

Community Honours Salvation Army Frontline Worker  

Posted on 2nd March 2021, by
Judy behind her desk with mask and certificate of appreciation
Judy Peifer had no idea that one of her coworkers had nominated her for “Change the Narrative SC”, a program in Swift Current, Sask., to celebrate essential workers who go the extra mile, especially during a pandemic. “I wondered why the staff was meeting in the gym,” says Judy. “When I heard ‘we want to  […]

Honouring Rosemarie Bryan’s Acts of Hope at The Salvation Army

Posted on 23rd February 2021, by
Rosemarie in red Salvation Army brandwear
Across Canada, Salvation Army staff, supporters and volunteers continue to demonstrate acts of hope to those in need. Rosemarie Bryan, community and family services coordinator at The Salvation Army’s Etobicoke Temple in Toronto, Ontario, believes that partnerships and working together can help uplift everyone who needs help. “The clients, staff and volunteers—we are all a family” “The  […]

Mobile Feeding Unit a Welcome Site for the Vulnerable

Posted on 2nd February 2021, by
guests line up at mobile feeding unit in winter weather
For the past two years, and every Saturday night, The Salvation Army’s mobile feeding unit in Williams Lake, B.C., has been a lifeline for those experiencing homelessness and the vulnerable. In the winter months, the unit is a particularly welcome site that can prevent serious injuries and even death from exposure to the cold. “I’ve  […]

From Just Existing to Living Again

Posted on 28th January 2021, by
Lesley smiles
In her early 30s, Lesley’s true challenges began. A severe and chronic mental health diagnosis coupled with alcohol and addiction issues left her no longer able to function. Throughout her journey she found The Salvation Army, they helped her—no matter what condition she arrived in. “I had graduated from the University of Alberta with honours and moved  […]

Human-trafficking Survivor Puts Her Life Back Together

Posted on 26th January 2021, by
Victoria speaks at Salvation Army breakfast
Looking at Victoria Morrison now, you would never know she fell victim to human trafficking. She is as strong and confident as they come—living proof that you can take your life back and transform despite your circumstances. Victoria is articulate, poised and resilient. It’s because of her powerful traits that Victoria has been able to  […]

A Year in Review (WATCH)

Posted on 20th January 2021, by
The Salvation Army in action through food services and a listening ear
No doubt, 2020 was a difficult year. Yet, through your generosity, The Salvation Army delivered services nationwide and met extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic. We invite you to watch this video to see The Salvation Army at work, providing a steady source of strength and security to Canadians in need. Thank you for investing  […]

Toronto Grace Hospital Extends Care in COVID-19

Posted on 11th January 2021, by
(Above) Jake Tran with Glenn Gosling-Cannell, RN, ENCC, emergency medical assistance team, province of Ontario
Specialized Care Centre at Toronto Convention Centre to address urgent need for long-term care beds.   As COVID-19 cases hit an all-time high in Ontario, The Salvation Army’s Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC), in co-ordination with the Ontario government, has temporarily set up a Specialized Care Centre at the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke. The  […]