New Brunswick

Across New Brunswick, The Salvation Army offers programs and services that range from addictions and rehabilitation services, community churches, correction and justice services, early childhood development, long-term care facilities and community thrift stores.

Community & Family Services

Fredericton Community Family Services

531 St. Mary’s St
NB E3A 8H4
(P) (506) 453-1706

Miramichi Community Resource Centre

231 Pleasant St
Miramichi, NB E1V 1Y6
(P) (506) 622-7826
ico_facebookSalvation Army Miramichi


Moncton Community Family Services

32 King Street
Moncton NB E1C 4M2
(P) (506) 389-9901
The Salvation Army Moncton Community & Family Servicesico_facebook


Saint John Community Family Services

27A Prince Edward St
Saint John, NB, E2L 3S1
(P) (506) 634-1633

Sussex Community Family Services

79 Main St
PO Box 5365
Sussex, NB E4E 5L4
(P) (506) 433-5461

Woodstock Community Family Services

100 Eastwood Dr
Woodstock, NB E7M 1P4
(P) (506) 328-8276

Community Churches

Fredericton Community Church

531 St. Mary’s St
PO Box 1264
Fredericton, NB E3B 5C8
(P) (506) 455-3243
Majors Ulrick & Claudette Thibaud

ico_facebook The Salvation Army Fredericton Community Church


Moncton Citadel Community Church

20 Centennial Drive
Moncton, NB E1E 4E4
(P) (506) 857-2803
Major James Anderson

Saint John Community Church

36 Waterloo St
PO Box 473
Saint John, NB E2L 3Z8
(P) (506) 634-7166
Lieutenants Jason & Janice Brinson

Sussex Community Church

79 Main St
Sussex, NB E4E 1S8
(P) (506) 433-3302
Majors Darren & Suzann Wiseman

Woodstock Community Church

100 Eastwood Drive
Woodstock, NB E7M 1P4
(P) (506) 328-8276
Majors Angel and Marlene Sandoval

Correction & Justice Services

Greenfield House

64 Gordon St
PO Box 1121
Moncton, NB E1C 8P6
(P) (506) 858-9486
(F) (506) 383-1585

Moncton Correctional & Justice Services

74 Gordon St
Moncton, NB E1C 1M2
(P) (506) 853-8887
(F) (506) 855-5242

Early Childhood Development

Small Blessings

20 Centennial Dr
Moncton, NB E1E 4E4
(P) (506) 857-0588
(F) (506) 852-3951


Health & Long-Term Care

Lakeview Manor

50 Suffolk St
Riverview, NB E1B 4K6
(P) (506) 387-2012
(F) (506) 387-7200

Community Thrift Stores

Miramichi Thrift Store
231 Pleasant St
Miramichi, NB E1V 1Y6
(P) (506) 622-6447

Moncton Thrift Store
1185 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB E1C 2T4
(P) (506) 855-8443

Moncton Thrift Store
300 Elmwood Drive
Moncton, NB E1A 6V2
(P) (506) 859-8305

Sackville Thrift Store (New Brunswick)
26A Bridge St
Sackville, NB E4L 3N5
(506) 536-2554

Saint John Thrift Store
87 Lansdowne Place
Saint John, NB E2K 3A1
(P) (506) 632-8391

Sussex Thrift Store
9-138 Main St
Sussex, NB E4E 3E1
(P) (506) 433-2723