Celebrating Women Across the Division

by Maritime
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    Today on International Women’s Day, and everyday, The Salvation Army Maritime Division is celebrating the incredible contributions women are making in our organization across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

    Major Linda Budgell has been a female leader in The Salvation Army for 38 years. Through her experience, she’s had the opportunity to work with women of all ages in her various roles.

    “I’m so proud The Salvation Army in Canada offers equal opportunities for women,” says Linda. “I started my journey as a Salvation Army officer 38 years ago and today I celebrate the beautiful privilege and many wonderful opportunities of equally sharing in ministry to lead, pastor, preach, teach and journey with others through life’s joys and sorrows.”

    In her current role as Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries, she works to ensure women have access to a sense of community and pastoral care that is uniquely tailored to their needs. “Women should never feel isolated. Everyone needs a sense of connection and community,” says Linda. “This is what we’re working to do across the maritimes everyday.”

    Along with women’s ministries, The Salvation Army also offers a wide-variety of community family services to help struggling women get back on their feet. One program in particular where Linda has seen success is through moms-and-tots. 

    “Moms and Tots is personally one of my favourite programs we offer. It supports women and families by giving the moms a community,” says Linda. “It especially helps new moms who may feel isolated.”

    Each summer, The Salvation Army offers a moms-and-tots camp at Scotian Glen – an annual event which gives women the opportunity to spend time with their children in nature while learning new skills and building friendships. 

    “It’s an opportunity for the kids to have fun and engage in recreational activity, while it gives the moms a chance to feel supported and connect with others,” Linda explains. “It’s motivating to see the moms leaving feeling refreshed and having made new friends.”

    The Salvation Army’s World President of Women’s Ministries, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, recently challenged women in The Salvation Army world to discover what new things we can be doing to speak into and overcome the challenges that women and girls face in our world today. For Linda, this is a powerful motivation for her to continue the women’s ministry work in the maritimes. 

    “With our leader striving for equality, it’s a constant reminder that we need to do the same,” says Linda. “Canadian women are fortunate to have more equality than women in other countries, but we still need to fight until we have equality for all women around the world.” 

    By: Angela Rafuse